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Recovery phase

2011-02-07 14:00:38 by Raicheous-Muffin

I'm currently in recovery after pushing through my latest coursework in time for the deadline. However I've opted to keep it off newgrounds, since the finished product felt rather rushed. I'll post it on Youtube instead once I have the credits sorted out.

On the plus side however I'm starting 2 new coursework, one of which will only take a couple of weeks to produce.
The project is an animated fairytale, which'll be told mainly through the use of still images and narration. Mike Clarke, who so far has worked with me on 2 other coursework, including the aforementioned rushed one, has offered to animate the story in the timeless moving page format. Cliche I know, but at least the completed work will look a little bit more interesting.

Finally I've been getting into voice acting a bit more, helping friends out and what not. Fun times all round.

New term has started and already I'm hit with a new piece of coursework. This one is a team project based in Maya, of which my job so far is character design and concept artwork. The project is to animated a script given to us, interpreting it in our own way. Odds are I won't post it here, since it dosn't really work as a stand alone piece.

My personal projects are undergoing a major overhaul, including my hopefully first flash submission. It's a kinda stupid idea based on my comic strips (speaking of which will be posted on my site again starting Thursday (30th).
I do have other ideas which I'm still working on, including a script design for a Madness day short (and since that has just gone It'll be a year before it's posted).

I seem to be finally getting my shit together, so hopefully I'll finally post something before the year's out.

Continuing coursework

2010-05-05 14:36:27 by Raicheous-Muffin

To be honest, I dug my own grave with poor time management and my weakness to the numerous detractions around me (looking at you Newgrounds!).

My latest animation for coursework was rushed slightly and didn't live up to my expectations. However I still have the idea and the sound clips, so I hope to do this again at some point, probably after COG vs COD.
My current coursework will be finished on time, however by Friday I doubt that the colour will be added. It'll have to be something that again I come back to, probably nearer the end of the summer, when my other projects are hopefully done.

I do have a couple of small projects; one containing my hatred towards the n00b culture within most 13 year old kids, while the other is a parody of Japanese animation, in the form of a how to draw guide. This may go towards a future coursework rather than a side project.
The former idea is designed to be short, simple and a little bit silly. I'll be at least starting that over May.

My current ambitions revolve around my comic strips, which I have finally started up again. I'll post them on my site (link to follow), deviant art and perhaps here. Not sure yet about post art here and on deviant art. Doesn't seem like much point posting on both.
Raiden Legacy, my new series comic, will be online by June at some point. Production begins once all this coursework is done and dusted.

Peace! Back to work.

First post on a new account. Awesomeness!

I'm planning an animation project for the autumn, a series of short animations based an old comic strip I made in High school, which compared the games Call of Duty and Gears of War, which came about after me and a friend were discussing which was better. With Modern Warfare 2 making a ridiculous amount of profit on day one, perhaps it's not fair to base this on public opinion. Instead, a series of challenges, based on how each game is awesome.

However this is low in my priority list right now, with coursework animations reaching their deadline, and my first Manga series taking the fore front in my battle's brain to stay awake, it may be a while before anything comes out of the idea.

Right now I'm working an opening sequence to a short animated film I'll be producing over the next 3 years, based on another manga idea, which remains open for a future project.
It is due in about 2 weeks, so I'll post it up here early May.

With all this talk about doing projects, I seem to be producing less work, so goodbye and good night for now.