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Entry #4

Recovery phase

2011-02-07 14:00:38 by Raicheous-Muffin

I'm currently in recovery after pushing through my latest coursework in time for the deadline. However I've opted to keep it off newgrounds, since the finished product felt rather rushed. I'll post it on Youtube instead once I have the credits sorted out.

On the plus side however I'm starting 2 new coursework, one of which will only take a couple of weeks to produce.
The project is an animated fairytale, which'll be told mainly through the use of still images and narration. Mike Clarke, who so far has worked with me on 2 other coursework, including the aforementioned rushed one, has offered to animate the story in the timeless moving page format. Cliche I know, but at least the completed work will look a little bit more interesting.

Finally I've been getting into voice acting a bit more, helping friends out and what not. Fun times all round.


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