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New term, more shit to do

2010-09-27 14:58:33 by Raicheous-Muffin

New term has started and already I'm hit with a new piece of coursework. This one is a team project based in Maya, of which my job so far is character design and concept artwork. The project is to animated a script given to us, interpreting it in our own way. Odds are I won't post it here, since it dosn't really work as a stand alone piece.

My personal projects are undergoing a major overhaul, including my hopefully first flash submission. It's a kinda stupid idea based on my comic strips (speaking of which will be posted on my site again starting Thursday (30th).
I do have other ideas which I'm still working on, including a script design for a Madness day short (and since that has just gone It'll be a year before it's posted).

I seem to be finally getting my shit together, so hopefully I'll finally post something before the year's out.


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