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Star Kirby Brick War Star Kirby Brick War

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The game is fun and highly addictive. Not an original concept, though if it ain't broke don't fix it right?
There are enough levels to keep you entertained, with unique layouts and new hazards to keep you on your toes.

The music is entertaining and adds to the overall experience. However I found a bug with my game, where the music cuts out and stays off until the page is refreshed.

The graphics are good and fluent, and the backgrounds fit the setting. However I do take issue with the fact that the theme is not original. I would be more impressed if rather than taking an existing and highly popular concept, you created your own, with a unique feel to it.

In conclusion, good, but hardly anything new.

Inside a dead skyscraper Inside a dead skyscraper

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Don't really get it

As far as I can tell, this game is an attempt to create something new. Something different. And it does this very well.

The music, from what I can tell in the description, is the corner stone of the game. It adds a feeling of freedom and serenity. It's well chosen for the setting

The too animation is very well done. Smooth as silk. Unfortunately these are the only good things I have to say about this game.

The gameplay is simple, yet at the same time there is a great deal of freedom. However there is really nothing to do but float around. There is nothing to work for, or anything worth looking at or interacting with. After the aesthetic wears off the game gets very dull.

The graphics are basic and don't really add anything. The combination of basic shapes and lifeless NPC, create a very boring atmosphere.

To summarise, while I respect that this is just a test, I will review this fairly based on my experience.
Though the fact that you state this as being "an experiment", make me hopeful that what you take away and change about this design will lead to a game worth playing, unlike this one.

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Quick Sand Quick Sand

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Super speed!

A solid concept with simple yet addictive gameplay. The levels provide a fun challenge, with increasing difficulty and fast paced gameplay.

However the pacing is also in my opinion the biggest downfall. The character moves too fast to solve some of the more precise jumps. I find myself running over the small gap I'm trying to fall down, while the sand rises ever higher at an alarming rate. At least the levels are short and a restart button is provided. One slip up and *rasp*, game over. Personally I enjoy the challenge, however there does come a point were the gameplay goes from challenging to pure frustration.

The character animation isn't really all that impressive, with very little or basic detail, this game is run purely by it's gameplay value. It didn't spoil my gameplay, however at the same time it didn't wow me either.

The music is fitting and provides an added sense of pace. And fortunately it doesn't get on your nerves too much like most games tend to do. It serves to compliment the game, increasing everything else. Also it's name is pretty awesome too (the track name won't affect the rating, but it is still most awesome).

In summerisation, fun gameplay though frustrating at times due to the speed that the character runs, with an awesome beat and simple, if not too simple, graphics.

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Name That Pokemon Name That Pokemon

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Pretty damn awesome. Tough for people who havn't played some of the games, but the hints mean that you can go off and study for that perfect game.
The music isn't too annoying and there are a wide variety of characters to capture.

Overal an enjoyable game.

Kid Launcher Kid Launcher

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

So satisfying

Yeah! That what you git Fatty! Teach you for being so fat!

First of all I love that goofy humour that your going for. Few toss games give me the opportunity to throw fat kids several thousand meters across a field.

Gameplay wise I tend to get board of toss games easily, but this one kept me coming back. God help me I like tossing that fat kid.

The animation works well, and I liked the variety of bear chasing fat kid scenes. The art style also has it's own unique feel to it.
However there are a few problems with resolution, especially when playing on a full screen.
Did I mention that I like firing that fat kid? Well I just said it again.

I did not care for this music at all. It doesn't work and to make matters work, loops endlessly.

Overall while the game seems simple and basic, it has a certain charm that I love about it (namely torturing that fat kid. Stupid fat fat fatty). It all seems to work except the music. But for a first game, an awesome job....fatty.

+Good quality animation
+Satisfying gameplay

-The music is a pain in the ass.
-Pixilated on a full screen

Good if you like toss games and goofy humour.

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Biomass Biomass

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Cool animation for the blocks, and an impressive design to the game. The use of a radio broadcast for the background music gave the whole game a certain unique feel to it, especially the random sound bites.
However the games visuals didn't really fit the story behind the game. Also the gameplay, while interesting, didn't really pose that much of a challenge, or leave room for much tactical gameplay. Yet at the same time I found it surprisingly addictive.

Overal, pretty damn awesome.

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KingDotCom responds:

Thanks! :)

Rebuild Chile: The Game Rebuild Chile: The Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

If only it were this easy...

A simple yet addictive game with an important message. Not the greatest game ever, and I'll be lucky if I ever get that music out of my head.
It's a fun challenge to try and complete a level without using the helicopter and trying for the maximum number of homes built.

Unfortunately rebuilding a country is slightly more complex and time consuming, that just simply moving debris and using the left over funds to make houses sprout out of the ground.

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Reincarnation: AHH Reincarnation: AHH

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty awesome

Once you get into it, this is a fun game. Nothing brightens my day like bringing misery upon an unsuspecting hill billy.
Probably going to play the other games in the series now that I've had a taste.

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Atomic Puzzle Atomic Puzzle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I need to be careful, less I spend all day on this. A fun and interesting to look at puzzler that seems to suck me in after the first few levels. I'd be very interested in seeing an iPhone version of this game.

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Nob War: The Elves Nob War: The Elves

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun times

A pretty fun game that I wouldn't mind playing again when I get a spare moment. The sound quality is excellent and the gameplay is entertaining as well. A lot of strategy required. It seems like it may get repetitive after a while, but I've not played enough yet to make that kind of a judgement. The graphics seem pretty simple, but I feel that it works exceptional well.
Overall an entertaining break from work.

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